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Puro Agave – A Mix by DJ Gary-O – August 2016


Spent a long evening with friends this past weekend drinking a new tequila called Espolon. It was one of the best I’ve had in a while and it fueled a two-hour mix session full of House, Minimal, Techno and what not. Stream or download for offline listening and please don’t forget to support the artists featured in the set – each track is linked.

Click to listen or download: “Puro Agave” – A Mix by DJ Gary-O (August 2016)

01 – Tony Fuentes – Any Soon Distraction
02 – Percussions – Khlhi
03 – Mike Ivy, Nimo Iero – Higher (Original Mix)
04 – Rodriguez Jr. – Mistral
05 – Sidney Charles – Paraswing (Original Mix)
06 – Worthy Feat. Carla Gardner – Luna (Walker & Royce Remix)
07 – Maksim Dark – Coneblower
08 – Walker & Royce – Seventeen
09 – Lawrence – Place To Be (Daniel Stefanik Remix)
10 – Smalltown DJs – Sandia
11 – Lenny Kiser – Dial-Up
12 – Kevin Knapp – The Heft
13 – Hanne & Lore – Tuna In
14 – Claude VonStroke – The Rain Break (Original Mix)
15 – Baunz, 3rd Eye – Out Of The Window
16 – Murat Uncuoglu & Alican – Baked (Original Mix)
17 – Mohey – Drifter (Original Mix)
18 – Storm Queen – Look right Through (MK Dub III)
19 – Junior Sanchez – Da House Dat Jack Built
20 – Olivier Giacomotto – Dawn (Original Mix)
21 – Simon Shackleton – All These Strange Ghosts
22 – Fleetwood Mac – Dreams (Psychemagik Remix)


Friday Nite Skruffle – A Mix by DJ Gary-O 5-28-16

Rainbow white

Another week and another mix in the can. Settled in for a few hours of minimal with a hint of tech house. Still working out a few kinks but I’m very happy to be spinning again. Thanks to everyone who tuned in Friday night to catch this live on Mixlr.

Click to listen or download: “Friday Nite Skruffle” – A Mix by DJ Gary-O (5-28-2016)

01 – Andre Loderman – Where Are They Now? (Original Mix)
02 – Traumer – Classroom (Original Mix)
03 – Andre Bratten – Trommer Og Bass (Original Mix)
04 – German Brigante – Noose (Original Mix)
05 – Gabe & Dashdot – Ambition (Original Mix)
06 – Doomwork – Elytra (Original Mix)
07 – Solomon – Something We All Adore (Solomon Love Song)
08 – Mina – Chinese Drip (Original Mix)
09 – Sasse – Gravity (Peter Dildo Dirtymind Replay)
10 – Solomon & Stimmig – Feuervogel (Original Mix)
11 – Tim Green – Revox (Original Mix)
12 – SQL – Distorted Reality (Original Mix)
13 – Slutbox – Backseat Driver (Percocet Remix)
14 – SpinnZinn – Juno Call Me (Original Mix)
15 – Nitzer Ebb – I Thought (Robag’s Schikkuli Vocal Remix)
16 – One Dove – White Love (Psychic Masturbation Remix)

Has it really been three years? New Tech House Mix on Mixlr

Hard to believe it’s been more than three years since there’s been a post published here. Not sure if I’m upset for having neglected PaperBuddha or because three years have slipped by in a blink of an eye. Here we are though, still alive and enjoying good music.

Speaking of good music, I’ve made time for mixing again – man have I missed spinning choons! Today I used my Mixlr account and threw down a two-hour set with only a couple of hiccups, but nothing too tragic. It was fun. Mixlr is awesome – great replacement for Soundcloud plus you can stream live for up to three hours at a time with a premium account, and you can post your mixes as “showreels” for anyone to listen to on demand later.

Here’s a link to my mix today – “A Little Dust Off”. Hope you enjoy it. Gonna try to make this a regular thing and also post more random stuff about music and maybe some cool machine learning stuff too – my new thing – technology is amazing.

NOTE – audio doesn’t kick in until 1:47 for some reason so fast forward a wee bit.

  • Gianluca Calabrese, Fabio Vargas – Who Need Funk (Original Mix)
  • Carlo Marani – Goddamn (Original Mix)
  • Matthias Tanzmann & Stefanik – Volta
  • Mike Healey – All We Need (Dave Robertson Remix)
  • DJ EFX, Stanny Abram – This is Acid (Stanny Abram Remix)
  • Alex Raider – Monkey Toys (Original Mix)
  • David Keno – Chicken Fight (Original Mix)
  • John Tejeda – Almost Now
  • Stanny Abram – Keep The Flow (Original Mix)
  • Audiojack – Vibrate feat. Kevin Knapp (Original Mix)
  • Jamie Jones – New Skool Acid (Original Mix)
  • Nathan Barato – Wobble Back (Original Mix)
  • Ramit – Fashion Monkey (Original Mix)
  • Jay Kumis – Monkle (Original Mix)
  • Matthias Tanzmann & Stefanie – Swamp
  • The Martin Brothers – Dum (Hookers & Blow Remix)
  • Cats ’n Dogz – Bring Me That Water
  • Andre Butano – Sizzurp Overdose (Original Mix)
  • Lex Loofah – The Dopest Dope (Original Mix)
  • Mr. Jefferson – Afterhours (Original Mix)
  • Stanny Abram – Deimimir (Original Mix)

Scott Edmondson – Cynicism Works Best For Me

cynicism meter

This just in from our friend, Scott (who may be a tad bitter about something):

The Feast of St. Valentine, otherwise known as St. Valentine’s day; it’s an occasion to celebrate the joys of Love and commemorate the supposedly ever-lasting nature of this evolutionary biochemical oddity. It’s the time when lovers young and old express their passions with chocolate, cards, designer gift-baskets and overpriced gim-cracks and gew-gaws from any number of over-priced retail centers in the hopes that their significant other will stick around a little longer (at least long enough to pay for one last dinner) or give them a “special” sexual favor. This carnival of the carnal extols the virtues of Love and all its triumphant endeavors.

But do you ever think of the Other Side of Love?

One is not truly human until one has felt the clammy grip of Love’s cold fingers upon head, balls and brain, enjoyed the tender embrace of a partner surrounded with the aura of worship, and felt it all slide South like an avalanche of shit on an orphan-village.

Troy was sacked over it (with vast loss of life and the resultant torture of millions of students who have had to study The Iliad). Endless poems, seemingly endless in their composition when one is force to listen to them, have been written by scorned lovers since man was first able to scribble sound onto clay tablet and assemble enough gullible friends to act as an emotional tampon. It is responsible for an unknown but immense percentage of the alcoholic beverage market, and probably even more rampant drug use.

This mix celebrates the dark side of Love. It can make you dance. It can also bring you to your knees. If you’re angry, you might enjoy this mix (though it’s not particularly hard, it is a bit dark in placed). If you’re not angry, this mix might make you angry, in which case you should listen to it again because you’ll appreciate it more the second time around.

People in love are annoying and should just stop it. Die in a fire made of rats, roaches and butt-cancer, the lot of you already! And fuck St. Valentine’s day in its fucking, cunting face.

Scott D. Edmondson – Cynicism Works Best For Me (aka Valentine’s Day Massacre)

“55 and Wet” – A Mix by DJ Gary-O

We just got back from Coachella Weekend #1 and I have to say that after 11 years of attending I still move it. This year we did the family thing and brought our son – total blast for all three of us. Personal highlights for me were Squeeze and dancing my ass off in the Do Lab.

One thing was quite unusual though – the weather. The first day of the show it was 55 degrees and a storm rolled through the Coachella Valley, making things a tad uncomfortable if you weren’t prepared with the proper clothing. As I’ve done at previous Coachella outings, I made a mix to commemorate the occasion – “55 and Wet”. It’s 1:35 minutes of Minimal, Techno, Tech House and some Breaks at the end. A good ride if you have the time.

Hope you enjoy the stuff. If you do, please support the artists by visiting Beatport or to pick up your faves.

DJ Gary-O

“55 and Wet” – A mix by DJ Gary-O

01 – Elastic Collisions (Original Mix): Agaric
02 – Clock Active (Original Mix): Click Box
03 – Right On Time (Louie Cut Remix): Chris Lawler
04 – Shadoorack (Original Mix): Stereo Express
05 – Agent Minimal (Original Mix): Louie Cut
06 – Water Drops (Original Mix): Jay Lumen
07 – Don’t Worry Just Dance (Original Mix): Marius Laurentiu, Andrea Bigi
08 – Rotten (Original Mix): Oliver Huntemann
09 – Arcimboldo (Original Mix): Axel Boman
10 – Walkmen (Original Mix): Andhim
11 – Junk (Original Mix): Veitengruber
12 – Drop That (Original Mix): Jay Lumen
13 – Singularity (Patrick Diessner Remix): M.M.B
14 – I’m On Miami (Original Mix): Siopis
15 – Me And You (Original Mix): Mark Henning
16 – You Play (Original): Maelstrom
17 – LUV U VIP (Original Mix): Lokiboi
18 – Dirty Bird (Jay Weed Remix): GoldFFinch, Jay Weed

Scott Edmondson – The Learning Curve

Our old friend Scott Edmondson sent us this mix and I couldn’t resist posting it up for the rest of you guys.

In his own words, it’s “pretty hard and housey, then the second part gets a little weird and then drops the BPMs down a bit.”

I‘ve been rocking this mix on my iPod since I visited Scott in Austin a few weeks ago. I really dig its dark, “late night” vibe.

I’m certainly looking forward to his next submission.


Scott Edmondson – The Learning Curve Part I

Scott Edmondson – The Learning Curve Part II

FREE REMIX ** G7 (Hunter Vaughan Re-hash) – Torqux & Twist

Paperbuddha favorite Hunter Vaughan has a new freebie that we are digging at the moment.  This is his twisted rehash of the G7 track by Torqux & Twist .  Dark and brooding is an understatement on this one, so grab it and drop it when the lights are low and watch the insanity ensue.  Also, check out his past releases on his Beatport page here.

Play it loud and enjoy!!

G7 (Hunter Vaughan Re-hash) – Torqux & Twist



Various Artists – United & Anarchic Vol 2 (UAA053)

U&A celebrate 5 years at the top of the electronic tree with a series of peerless EPs, each one jammed pack full of exclusive goodies from the label and their friends.

Volume Two features a ripper from Zodiac Cartel as this shady electro hero dons his cape and goes in hard to remix the chart topping anthem ‘Non-Believer’ from Meat Katie and label boss Elite Force. Support on this from Kissy SellOutCrystal Method, Mixmag, Beataucue, FarTooLoud, Breakdown, Aniki, InTheMix, Peo de Pitte, iDJ Magazine & more …

Next up is a piece of sheer hooky, disco-tinged electro mayhem from Ukraine’s Felix Luker – imagine something from the halcyon days of Roule put through today’s fiercest blender. Compulsive, smashed floors worldwide. Support on this from Plump DJs, StereoHeroes, BoogieMafia, Robb G, Blaze Tripp, DJ Chamber& more …
Lee Coombs then steps up to the plate with an excellent re-working of his Hyperion ‘Gotta Let Go’ remix, bringing it bang up to date with his trademark acid house vibes. Support from Meat KatieDylan Rhymes & more

Last but not least U&A is proud to introduce young American prodigy Hunter Vaughan into the fray as he remixes the hell out of Zodiac Cartel’s ‘Klappyn’ with a truly epic, hi-tec re-read. Support on this from Black Noise, Paper Buddha & more….

Volume three coming soon … meanwhile we appreciate your continued support through legal purchases….

Out now on Beatport








Der Tante Renate — H4xX02 Album Out Now

Hamburg Germany’s Audiolith Records would like to introduce Der Tante Renate and his new album H4xXo2, out today.  The album is dedicated to hacker subculture for its ability to anarchically tear doors apart and open eyes.  It goes way further than just being a simple album.  The tracks are a consistent progression of metallic, technoid electro-bam and an audio-visual hacking.  If you are a fan of bass-driven, glitchy sounds and radio play snippets ala Meat Beat Manifesto, this one will not disappoint.  Have a listen to the track Beast, and then go get the rest of the album.  Enjoy!!

Beast (320 kbps)